María de los Ángeles García-Robles

PhD Full professor

Cell Biology Lab (BioCell), Department of Cellular Biology, Faculty of Biological Science. University of Concepcion, Chile. Accreditation for the following programs. Master in biochemistry and bioinformatics. Master of science mention of physiology PhD in biological sciences mention of cellular and molecular biology.

Fernando Sepúlveda PhD
Associate Independent Researcher

PhD in Biological Science from the University of Concepcion, Chile. Fernando is working on the modulation of glucosensing by endocannabinoids system microscopy and ex vivo experiments.

Karina Oyarce M PhD
Associate Independent Researcher

Karina is a collaborating and works in controlling food intake and influence of the genetic load.

Joaquín Rojas F

Joaquín is the veterinarian responsible for maintaining experiment.

Marianella Gomez
PhD student

Faculty of Odontology, University of Cordoba and University of Concepcion. Marianella is working on the participation of BMP in odontoblastic differentiation.

Roberto Elizondo-Vega
PhD student

Roberto is working in glia-neuron interaction for the control of food ingest.

Magdiel Salgado
PhD student

Magdiel is working in the rol of tanycytes in glucodetection.

Maria Jose Barahona
PhD student

Maria Jose is working in glia-neuron interaction for the control of food ingest.

Antonia Recaball
PhD student

Antonia is working in the rol of tanycytes in glucodetection.

Patricio Ordenes
Research Assistant

Patricio is working in the mechanisms that regulate transcriptionally the glycolytic metabolism in brain and hepatic tissue.

Marcos Villagra
Undergrad Biochemistry student

Marcos is working in protein-protein interaction in central and peripheral tissue involved in glucosensing.

Jorge Delgado
Technical assitant

Jorge is specialized technical assistant in management of experimental animals.

Alejandra Palma
Undergrad Bioengineer student

Alejandra is studing the role of ghrelin in rewear-based eating.

Macarena Hinrich
Undergrad Bioengineer student

Macarena is working in expression of endocannabinoids receptors in the hypothalamus.

Kathling Escobar
Undergrad Bioengineer student

Kathling is working in hypothalamic stem cell differentiations.

Carolina Marquez

Assistant professor School of Medicine, University of Concepción. Chile

Christian Cortes-Campos PhD

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Cambridge, Massachusets. USA

Claudio Carril

Msc Biochemistry and Bioinformatic Technical assistant University of Concepción

Carola Millan PhD
Assistant Professor

University Adolfo Ibáñez Viña del mar. Chile

Estefania Tarifeño-Saldivia

PhD student Liege University Lieja. Belgium

Fernando Martinez PhD
Assistant Professor

University of Concepción Concepción, Chile

Paula Llanos Msc
Assistant Professor

University Adolfo Ibañez Viña del Mar, Chile

María José Yañéz

PhD student Catholic University of Chile Santiago, Chile

Viviana Ulloa
Pharmaceutical Chemist

Technical assistant University of Concepción Concepción. Chile

National Collaborators

Dr. Juan Carlos Saéz.

Physiology Department, Faculty of Biological Sciences, P. Universidad Catholic de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

Dra. Amparo Uribe

Faculty of Biological Sciences, Universidad de Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile.

Dr. Juan Reyes

Faculty of Chemistry P. Universidad Catholic de Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile.

Dr. Juan Andres Orellana

Faculty of Medicine, P. Universidad Catholic de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

Dr. Fredy Montoya

Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de Concepcion. Concepción, Chile

International Network and Collaborators

Dra Romina Uranga

Biochemical Research Institute of Bahia Blanca, Universidad Nacional del Sur and National Council of Scientific and Technical Research. Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Dr. Marcelo Rubinstein

Associate Professor, Physiology Department, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences. University of Buenos Aires.

Baernard Peers

Project leader Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering University of Liège Belgium